The Biomathematics and Statistics Group in CMAF-CIO develops interdisciplinary research networks, where mathematical models of infectious diseases are parametrized in epidemiological data to be used by public health authorities as a tool to predict, understand the transmission of the disease and develop and evaluate the introduction of intervention strategies, including vector control and vaccination.

Our team is higly interdisciplinary, currently consisting of 6 researchers (4 post-docs and 2 PhD students). Presently, the team is participating in 2 EU-projects under FP 7, where the PI is the Work Package (WP) leader. Other national financed projects (FCT) are on their way, as well the organization of the yearly international workshop and several special sessions on biomathematics at international conferences.

We are interested in nonlinear dynamics, bifurcation analysis, stochastic processes and bio-statistics. Our research focuses in both theoretical methods and practical applications, covering research topics in population dynamics, eco-epidemiology, epidemiology of infectious diseases, molecular and antigenic evolution and methodical topics in the natural sciences and mathematics.