Nico Stollenwerk

Nico Stollenwerk received his Diplom from RWTH Aachen, and his PhD in theoretical physics was from University Clausthal (under supervision of Frank Pasemann) both while on research positions at the Research Center Juelich, the larges research center in Germany. His diploma thesis supervisor was Heiner Mueller-Krumbhaar, jointly with Friedhelm Drepper. 

Nico is the Principal Investigator of the Mathematical Biology group at CMAF, Lisbon University, and has designed and is running a biomathematics lecture on Bologna PhD level, which aims to bringing students to research level and enable them to integrate into international projects. He has published a book on "Population Biology and Criticality" at Imperial College Press, London, together with Vincent Jansen, Royal Holloway University London, is coauthor of many articles in international journals, among which PNAS, Science, Royal Society Interface, J. Astrophysics and J. Theor. Biology, and more than 40 publications as book chapters and refereed conference contributions for international congresses.


Curriculum Vitae
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